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Starcraft II and Warcraft

2008-04-21 10:22:36 by LichCoil

So lately I've been checking out Starcraft 2 and been gettin pretty hyped lately. I don't know what it is, but somethin is making me go "sweet". It's gonna be excellent when its finished i bet.

I've been playing a bit of Warcraft 3 lately on battle net but I find some of the game mechanics a bit... uhh annoying. Or whatever you wanna call them. The whole idea of leveling up heroes, having small armies, and losing gold because of bigger armies kinda sucks a bit. I like the orginal Starcraft ways of doing things better and Im installing it again after I dont know how long. The only thing I liked about War 3 the most was they made it so you had more control over units easier with sub select menus, and being able to group buildings together and those cool things. But I found that after hitting about rank 400ish on 1v1 games that things seemed pretty repetetive as far as strategies go and statring out and that sort of thing. Pretty much the idea is creep a lot, level heroes, do whatever you want for strategy and win. I think going straight to the actual fight against the other player and not bothering abotu creeping and that sort of thing is way better. Oh well enough there this is gettin a bit long.

What do you guys thing in comparison of Starcraft and Warcraft 3?

Oh yeah, and I'm proud to announce that Im glad that my latest flash submission has about a 2.48 rating which is better than my last one. So I got 2 blammed and 2 saved, which I think is mad. so I think 2.48/5 is really good for someone like me, especially looking back at how I started. I'ts the highest rating i got so far. I don't like to rush my learning process but, I know when I submit the next video it has to be even better than this latest one, so I will spend even more time on it and try to make sure it's deffnitely improved from my fourth submission.

Starcraft 2 is gonna be mad tho when it comes out.

Starcraft II and Warcraft


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