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2007-11-27 07:01:24 by LichCoil

This is the uh.... first new post? First message? I dont remember its a first something or another. The little red button said write a message of some sort, so the sweetness in me decided "Yes". I doubt anyone would read this little message, why? Because Its already too sweet for them. One look and they'd flip out for sure. Thats a definite, like combining Maple Syrup with a ninja star. Everyone will want a lick out of that no matter how painful it may be.

First, Im no good at flash. I tried it a few times, yeah... I may not get into it. Maybe some day I might, maybe. So w/e, dont expect anythin of that sort from me. I wrote a few reviews and did a few scores, but not as much anymore. Maybe if I see something really mad, Ill add something about it. Now, Ill just add a sweet little pic and see how it turns out. Tru dat.

First Message


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